Increase coverage in South America - local group

Alfredo Dal´Ava Júnior


During the meeting some contacted me regarding a group to help coordinate station positioning in Brazil and South America, and I'm happy to share that we already have a WhatApp group with ~50 people representing all BRnnnn currently in the GMN trajectory solver pipeline and many other solo stations waiting for a pair.

The group started as a "BRAMON-RMS-GMN task force" to introduce RMS in the network and help with positioning, sky fitting and general operational and technical questions.

It's open for all, there's no need to be a member of BRAMON or any astronomy or meteor group, everyone is welcome and invited to help find a match for your "solo station" and keep the system operational. 

If you are interested, just get in touch. :)


Jocimar Justino de Souza


I just wanted to comment that I'm already part of this group that helps coordinate station positioning in Brazil and South America, and it has been incredibly helpful in solving various technical problems. We are currently in the process of deploying several new RMS stations across Brazil, which are currently undergoing testing. We are also using PCs and virtual machines running on Windows to support the operations.


Jocimar Justino