Reporting fireballs

Mark McIntyre

I wanted to just echo what Damir said here. If you spot what could be a meteorite-dropping fireball, please do not broadcast detailed trajectory information without consulting the local in-country networks.

Commercial Meteorite Hunters actively monitor groups like this, and have even set up bots to scrape data from the IMO and other websites hoping to beat the scientists to any falls so that they can sell the material.  In one recent case, hunters were in the country before the analysis was even confirmed, and some material was definitely lost to science.

I'm not against meteorites being sold - Mary and I have quite a lot in our cabinet ! - but i am sure we would all prefer that the science is done too. That means pieces being recovered properly, with provenance, uncontaminated by human contact if possible. The majority of meteorite sellers operate honestly and i count several amongst my friends, but a few are not so scrupulous. So its best to be cautious with fireball data!

On 22/03/2023 15:45, Damir Šegon wrote:
Anyway, please do not provide any info on such events prior consultation with local networks (if you don't have the contact, ping Denis first), since meteorite hunters are very agile and ready to jump in before any organized search would be organized.